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Below is the schedule for Georgian College Students registered to take Flight Lab for the fall 2021 semester.

Each flight will be displayed as active unless for reasons such as maintenance or poor weather conditions, the flight needs to be rescheduled. It this case ‘Cancelled’ will be displayed. If your flight is showing ‘Active’ but you feel that it may be incorrect, you can reach our office at 249-208-4OFC (4632).

Both Modules must be reviewed prior to arriving for your scheduled flight.

Module 1 PowerPoint

Module 2 PowerPoint

Module 3 PowerPoint

Module 4 PowerPoint

Students are also asked to review the Ontario Flight Centre Covid-19 Protocols.

NOTE: Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from the airport. The Simcoe Country Linx bus schedule can be found here Bus Schedule

The time listed below is the time that your flight is to start, this is the time that you are to be at the airport, for students convenience, it coincides with the Linx bus schedule. If you plan to use the Linx bus, please refer to the bus schedule above for the departure and arrival times.

Please check this page before leaving for the airport. We make every effort to ensure that we can complete flight lab and cancellations can be posted as late as 1.5 hours prior to the scheduled flight. 

The bus stop is at the end loop of Governors Dr. at the College.